What is LAP?

LAP24 is a 24 hour around the clock global online event taking place in June 2024 focusing on learning analytics in practice featuring an easy submission process and plenty of informal online networking.

This event is intended to highlight and feature learning analytics practitioners around the world discussing and showcasing learning analytics in practice.

Topics and themes that will be highlighted:

  • Adoption strategies
  • LA Implementation - large and small scale 
  • Institutional Policy
  • Learning Analytics Innovations & Inspiration
  • Connecting technical, theoretical and practical aspects of LA
  • and more!


The event is currently planned to begin at 8:00 AM AEST on Wednesday, June 19, 2024. 

For frame of reference, this will be 12:00 AM Midnight in Frankfurt, Germany (CEST) on June 19 or 3:00 PM in Los Angeles, California (PDT). 

Throughout the event, organizers will plan to strategically place keynotes and/or panels at varying times that will allow a large number of community members to join synchronously. 

A benefit of online events as we all know is easy recording and sharing of past sessions? Need to sleep or have prior commitments, all sessions will be recorded and shared in the event platform.  Further details of technology will be announced closer to the event.